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Hi, I'm Jeff, owner of Emphasis Digital Marketing here in sunny Tucson Arizona.

Several years ago I was running a different company with plenty of happy customers. We used content marketing in blogs, emails, and newsletters to deliver useful content to our followers. One of the key drivers of our success was our online reputation. We relied heavily on reviews to drive our business growth. We didn't always get 5-star reviews, but we had really happy customers. We always noticed an uptick in traffic when a 5-star review was posted.

As the importance of online reviews grew, we started receiving fake reviews and reviews from competitors that weren't exactly very nice or TRUE. After years and thousands of dollars spent trying to flag and remove these reviews, I decided the best thing to do was to create a process to ask my customers to write reviews and push those fake negative reviews down toward the bottom.

That was just half the story. It was still inconvenient and clunky for a customer to write a review so I developed a process to send reviews via text and email. I knew making it easy for my customers was the only option as they were always busy.

Since then we have worked tirelessly to make the entire process of local marketing simple and easy for the busy business owner.

Emphasis Digital Marketing Agency was born!


Jeff Auerbach



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